Vegetable Washing cleaning and peeling machine

Material: Stainless steel
Features: According to brush’s hardness, customize cleaner or peeler. Waste collection plate installable, avoiding waste water polluting the floor..






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Product Description


Mainly consists of motor, speed changer and brush rollers. Absorbing root tuber crops processing machine’s characters home and abroad. Brush friction principle. Suitable for circle shape and oval vegetables’ cleaning and peeling, such as ginger, carrot, taro, potato, sweet potato. Beautiful shape, convenient handling, large capacity, high efficiency, small energy consumption, continuous cleaning, easy handling. Cleaning rods are made of nylon strings, peeling rods are hardening materials, all durable, abrasion-proof. Rotating discharging, hygeian.

Model: SCQX-612 SCQX-618 SCQX-624
Voltage: 380 V 380 V 380 V
Power: 1.5 KW 3KW 4.55KW
Length of brush roller 1200 mm 1800mm 2400 mm
Number of brush roller: 6 8 8
Weight: 260 KG 380KG 560 KG
Dimension: 1480 *830 *1010mm 2260 * 1100 * 1360mm 2980 * 1000 * 1520mm
Capacity: 1-1.5 Ton/ hour 1.5-3Ton/ hour 4-6 ton/ hour


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